Starting Preschool Means Getting Sick Often… Or Does It?

Preschool and Sickness often go hand in hand, tips on staying healthy in preschool

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Starting Preschool is associated with so many wonderful things- academic, social and emotional development, creation of new friendships, potty training, fun and games and…getting sick often. For some frequent sickness is a deciding factor when it comes to the choice between staying home a bit longer or to start attending preschool. Even though staying home is a great option, some families do not have the option and enroll in daycare in hopes their child will not be sick often. We will try to debunk common myths regarding childhood sickness and teach parents helpful tips and trick on avoiding getting sick too often.

Some children are naturally predisposed to getting sick often, perhaps genetics, nutrition and other factors come in play. Few lucky kids barely get runny nose and mild colds once in a while. Truth of the matter is, being exposed to viruses and bacteria id THE ONLY way to build a strong immune system. Another way to look at it is catching a cold from a friend will build a stronger immune response, the child will get sick less and less often after exposure to different immune system triggers.

What to look for when selecting a Preschool for your child:

It is important to pick a preschool that follows all rules and regulations regarding public health safety. Make sure to inquire about “Sick Policy” and “Immunizations” policy. Keep in mind – It is now a California Law to be up to date with all immunization in order to attend any preschool, daycare of elementary school. For more information please visit California Immunizations 2018 update page.

So what can you do to minimize the frequency of your little one getting sick, here are few tips on how to boost your child’s immune system:

  • Healthy nutrition – selecting organic and natural fruits and veggies with strengthen immune system. It is a good idea to supplement with a children’s multivitamin and probiotic
  • Getting plenty of sleep will help with your body’s response to infection
  • Proper hydration – water and milk are great choices
  • Frequent hand washing is essential for disease prevention
  • Avoiding super hot and super cold temperatures:  young children can not fully self regulate their body temperature. It is best to avoid extreme temperatures.
  • Avoiding being around sick individuals – this is where good preschool policy comes in play.

Here at ABC Little School we monitor students daily – we check all students upon arrival for signs of sickness. If we see any, we will send sick child home, It is best for the sick child and for other children who are in our care to separate immediately and come back after being 24 hours clear of all disease symptoms. Some parents are upset with our strict policies but we feel it is of utmost importance to protect healthy children and staff from getting sick. On top of frequent handwashing and amazing, fresh dishes our chef creates, we use natural, non-toxic sanitizers and cleaners that will not trigger allergies or sensitivities to chemicals.

To sum it up:

Even though getting sick is ultimately is not all that bad and will  help a child to build a stronger immune system, we still try to avoid and minimize the frequency of the disease. Choosing healthy foods, sleeping more and developing lifelong healthy habits will definitely help to fight off diseases. Choosing a right preschool with good and fair sick policy will minimize the frequency of sickness as well. Asking about school’s nutrition, frequency of hand washing after potty and before eating will give you an idea about school’s philosophy towards health and safety of students and staff. Cleanliness and the choice of cleaning products is a major factor. ABC Little School takes pride in all preventative measures we take to ensure health and well being of all of our students and staff. We invite you to tour our beautiful campuses!