Potty Training – Tips and Tricks for Parents

Coputer Lesson

Potty training is an important milestone for each child and the parents. For some it takes a while, for the lucky few it takes just a few days. Here at ABC Little Schools we are happy to work with parents who are ready for their little ones to be potty trained. One of the advantages of being in a preschool setting is learning by example- kids see their friend using potty and toilets and, naturally, want to copy their friends. Another advantage is being able to get a full report about their day, including potty training efforts.

We can’t emphasize the most important aspect of potty training – consistency. Being consistent means not giving up, even if you have to do few loads of laundry every day, praising and supporting your child for every single small step toward being potty trained. All that applies if your child is ready – not fearful of the process, exhibiting interest and desire to imitate ( or being over age 3 ). Here are few helpful tips and tricks that will help parents to potty train your child:

  • Talk about it with your child every day in an excited tone of voice. Maybe go shopping together with your child to pick out “big kid” underwear of child’s choice.
  • Set a date. Get rid of pull ups and diapers. Pull ups stay warm when the child has an accident, child will not feel cold or discomfort. Wearing regular underwear will help your child to differentiate between comfortable and uncomfortable feeling ( potty training during warmer times of year is preferred)
  • Communicate with your child’s preschool teachers – remember, consistency is key! Frequent ( timed) intervals work best to reinforce potty training habits. At our preschool kids are encouraged to use potty every 30-45 minutes. Using a pull up or a diaper during the night or afternoon nap is ok, it takes time to learn to have control when sleeping.
  • Be prepared to have potty accidents. It is totally normal for a child to lose control. It will get better with time.
  • For some, going # 2 in the toilet may happen way later than # 1.
  • Make potty training fun! It is a good idea to throw a cheerio into the toilet and aim! ( Worked great for my son)
  • Getting special stickers or go to a special place (zoo, park, etc.) if the child is making progress

Good luck with it! We hope the transition from diapers to underwear will be easy and fast. We are here for you and eager to help!