COVID-19 Operational Update:

We are providing exceptional care with highest safety measures

Current Procedures Implemented by ABC Little Schools:

Safety Measures at ABC little schoolHealth and safety of our staff and students are our #1 priority. We take all necessary steps and precautions outlined by CDC and Department of Heath to ensure health and well being of all members of ABC Family. Below is the outline of steps all ABC staff take on a daily basis:

  1.  Temperature check of all students and staff when they enter the school.
  2.  All staff members wear facial coverings.
  3.  We clean and sanitize hands of all children immediately upon entering the school.
  4.  We practice frequent hand washing drills throughout the day.
  5.  We clean, disinfect and sanitize all surfaces. All toys get cleaned and disinfected daily.
  6.  We use EPA approved, child friendly sanitizers such as Smart Clean, Boulder Clean and others that are natural  and harmless, yet very powerful. We use UV-C  light wands throughout the day in all classrooms on all surfaces.
  7.  Parents are not allowed to enter the facilities – drop off and pick up is conducted by our staff.
  8.  Class sizes are kept small( small learning pods ), students are not comingling with other learning pods and stay with the same teacher throughout  the day.
  9.  We monitor health of students and staff throughout the day. Those that are not feeling well are encourage to stay home.
  10.  Our students spend a lot of time playing outdoors. We try to conduct lessons, have picnics and lunches outside (we are very lucky to have many awesome playgrounds)
  11.  While students are outside we open doors and windows.
  12.  All updates regarding health and safety of students (along with many awesome pictures) are posted on communication app (real time)
  13.  We work in close contact with DCFS, CDC and Health Department, we passed all inspections without any deficiencies.