Starting Preschool – Tips to Help Children Adjust

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Starting Preschool

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Starting Preschool – Useful Tips

Starting preschool is a nerve racking experience for a lot of parents. This maybe yours and your child’s first time attending a preschool, therefore it is  a very scary time for your little one. We want to reassure you that her at ABC Little School your child will be safe and loved. You can expect a variety of emotions for you and your child. A normal emotion is separation anxiety. It is very common for children to be upset and cry. After all, it is a completely new environment with new friends and caretakers. We do our best to comfort your child. Here at ABC, we offer playdates, so your child will have enough time to adjust coming to school. Also we have an open door policy and you are more than welcome to come and check on your child at any time. We understand how hard it is to leave your baby. Preschool is a very important aspect of a child’s life. At school child will learn, play and develop socially and emotionally. Helping children adapt to new situations can ease parents’ minds and help you to be involved with your child’s education.

Here are a few tips on how Parents can help with adjustment:

  • Be enthusiastic about school!
  • Prepare yourself on separating from your child
  • Learn how to cope with change for your child
  • Arrange playdates!
  • Make sure to establish a daily routine to get ready for school
  • Always say goodbye and do not prolong leaving as it will make it harder for your child. It is a good idea to reduce stay time ( Monday – 5 minutes, Tuesday – 4 min, etc.)
  • Be patient. Your child may have a difficult transition in the beginning. Even though the child is crying at drop off does not mean that the child is not ready for preschool. It is normal and to be expected.
  • Communicate with teachers on your child’s routine and life at home
  • Be involved with school events and with your child’s class.

Good luck and welcome to preschool! Feel free to contact us should you have questions or to set up a tour.


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