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The programs offered differ by location. Here is the overview of all programs. Please  inquire at the location desired for a specific program.

All children enrolled will participate in various activities such as: academics, arts and crafts, music lesson once a week and computer classes twice a week (included with tuition). Some campuses offer Spanish lessons as part of the curriculum.


18-24 months Program (Studio City and Van Nuys campuses only)

We provide children at this age with nurturing environment fostering a sense of security for toddlers with their first preschool experience. We guide them through understanding the world around them through verbal communication, sensory activities, story telling and music exploration. We focus on creating loving, calm and nurturing environment.

Each day begins with engaging circle time! Young preschoolers learn about colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Arts and crafts are incorporated into daily lessons. We like to get messy and create! We use different media such as paint, play dough and other common (and uncommon) materials. We provide manipulative activities to develop eye-hand coordination, small motor skills and problem-solving skills . Developing an awareness of other children and people in their environment are a part of the toddler’s day.


Toilet training, sharing and elementary cleanup tasks are learned. Curriculum focuses on: Oral communication, alphabet and number recognition, vocabulary expansion, color and animal recognition, an extension of objects and body parts recognition, food identification, table manners, elementary craft participation (i.e. coloring, painting & pasting). Storytelling and music and movement are practiced on a daily basis.


Activities have more emphasis on identification of color, shapes, numbers, as well as verbal and visual recognition of the alphabet. Craft activity involvement is geared toward direction following with the use of small motor skills (i.e. cutting, coloring between lines, pasting and painting). Teacher introduces classroom discussion and encourages individual participation. Music and movement are continued on a daily basis. Introduction to computers, clocks and time telling are begun. The child is encouraged to assume responsibility to others as well as his surroundings.


Children are introduced to a classroom situation. Problem areas are worked on individually. Children continue their language / vocabulary development. Visual word and number recognition with associated reinforcement backup is introduced. Children are involved in dramatic play, music and movement exercises and computer ( and Smart Board) classes. Holiday customs and origins are explored, as well as elementary nature / science studies.


The program consists of reinforcing and expanding knowledge previously acquired in Pre-Kindergarten (four year olds). In the area of Language Arts, phonics, rhyming, initial and final consonants, vowel sounds, and beginning reading are introduced. Mathematics, consisting of identifying and extending patterns, numbers and set recognition 1-100, understanding the meaning and use of +, -, = signs, understanding single digit addition and subtraction is included. Social Studies are taught in the areas of self-concepts, the five senses, and days of the week, the months of the year, understanding a globe, and demonstrating an understanding of current events. Exploring seasons, plants, health habits and germ awareness are taught through experimentation in our study of Science and Health. Music, Art and Computer lab give the children an opportunity for self expression and creativity. Our goal is to help each child feel comfortable, confident and positive about him / herself as a student. NEW! Track your child’s progress through uniquely designed web page

In addition, we offer optional extra-curricular activities held by skilled professionals that take place in our school on a weekly basis: dance, karate and gymnastics.

NEW! We now offer Science Classes! Few campuses offer cooking classes!

First Grade

In First Grade the children are introduced to a facet of language arts including blends, finals blends and digraphs. Identifying base words compound words, syllables, spelling and writing simple stories. Reading skills are enhanced and enriched. Mathematics involving recognizing more and less and the symbols that represents them. Counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. Knowing and solving double-digit addition and subtraction. Writing and solving number sentences from word problems. A continuation of social studies, science and health are explored. Music art and computer lab are included in the First Grade school year.

Second Grade

The children in Second Grade begin the school year with review of important skills acquired in First Grade. Language arts continue with reading and spelling development. New topics are introduced such as consonants digraphs, plurals, suffixes and dictionary skills. In the area of mathematics, place value, time and money concepts are included. Multiplication and division, fractions and decimals are explored. Social studies, health and science, computer are explored through experimentation and independent study.

Before And After School Care

For children enrolled in our Elementary Program we include extended hours before and after their regular school schedule. During these hours the children are involved in center based activities organized games and free play.